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Nazrul und Lochan

Nazrul und Lochan

hindi mit dt. UT


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| 2009 |

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Gurgaon/Indien, Juni 2009 - Nazrul und Lochan sind Freunde. Sie arbeiten in einem Gästehaus. Beide sind nach Gurgaon gekommen um Arbeit zu finden. Sie erzählen, was es bedeutet vom Land in die Stadt zu kommen. "It is now two and a half years since I came here. For a job, for work, to earn money, this is why I came here. One person can earn Rs 2000 – 3000. In the village getting a job is not so easy. To get a government job you need a lot of qualifications, backing, money, everything. We do not have this. If you cannot get a government job, in the village there are no companies. What can you do there – some work in farms or in houses."